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‘COVID-19’ parties held by Alabama students

Tuscaloosa, AL (WKOW)- An unsettling contest has taken off among students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They are called "COVID Parties."

It's when students who have already been diagnosed with COVID-19 attend parties to see who can catch the virus first.

Tuscaloosa City Councilor Sonya McKinstry says the organizers of these parties are intentionally inviting guests who have COVID-19. They put money in a pot and whoever contracts COVID-19 first wins.

The Tuscaloosa fire chief confirmed to the city council that the parties were in fact happening. He then went on to express his concern, but also did not say what is being done to curb the behavior.

Just hours after the fire chiefs briefing, the City Council passed an ordinance mandating people to wear a face mask when out in public. It's still unclear weather or not any of the students at the parties that were infected with COVID-19 passed it on to anyone else.

A city spokesperson tells ABC News that the city "Is currently working with local agencies and organizations to ensure that we do everything in our power to fight this pandemic."

Click HERE to see ABC's coverage.

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