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Stolen ashes of beloved pet recovered

File photo, WKOW
Madison police

MADISON (WKOW) -- A pet owner finally has the ashes of her two beloved Scottish Terriers back home after her Jeep was stolen May 5, along with the ashes inside.

Police say the criminals tossed the two boxes containing the remains of her cherished pets as they went on their joyride that included a side trip through Odana Hills Golf Course.

After joyriding through the golf course and damaging a bunker, the Jeep also was also observed on a nearby bike path, running red lights, and speeding in various areas of the MPD's West and Midtown Police Districts. MPD officers attempted to stop it, but did not chase it.

Someone found one of the cremated remains at the time, but the other was still missing until this week.

That's when a Madison Police Department Property Room clerk was taking inventory of items found near an abandoned backpack and discovered a satchel containing ashes of someone's pet.

The name of a cremation company was attached, and the clerk called a representative who was able to identify the owner of the remains.

It turned out to be the woman's whose Jeep was stolen.

A Burglary Crime Unit detective has made contact with the owner letting her know the good news.

The backpack was discovered by a passerby on North Segoe Road.

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