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Verona moves fall sports to spring

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VERONA (WKOW) -- Verona Area School District has announced plans to move fall sports to the spring. The school district plans to follow WIAA guidance for a truncated season model which will likely fit fall sports between winter sports and spring sports. That exact plan has not be established by the WIAA.

Here is the full statement Verona Area School District posted on their website:

"The Verona Area School District (VASD) has decided to suspend the fall 2020 sports season as currently scheduled. The Big 8 Conference has also agreed to cancel all Big 8 competitions this fall. VASD will adopt the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (WIAA) proposal to move the fall 2020 sports to spring 2021 for districts that choose to do so. Please note that no seasons will be eliminated (winter, fall, or spring) in the WIAA's truncated season model to make room for another season; this will be a shift of seasons within a truncated model for all sports. The schedule will likely be winter, fall, and then spring, ensuring that the spring season ends at its regular time. However, this is all TBD until the WIAA presents further details.  Our local decision is due to current Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) sports guidelines that Dane County schools legally must adhere to. The WIAA Board of Control is scheduled to meet on August 14, and we hope to have more information about what this truncated fall season model will look like at that time.

The VASD Board of Education met on July 27 and voted 4-2 to start the 2020-21 school year with a virtual model of education for grades 3-12 and an in-person, half-day model for K-2.

Verona Area High School (VAHS) will look to provide any opportunities that are available based on WIAA guidance for fall sports, ensuring that they are reflective of our schooling model and public health guidance.

VASD will implement the following additional extracurricular provisions in support of the safe reopening of our school and community:

1.  Virtual general training activities may be shared for all students. Individual training and workouts may be distributed or scheduled on a virtual platform for synchronous training. For example, stretching, flexibility, and warm-up routines, strength and speed training, conditioning, and mental preparation/sport psychology resources - so long as it follows standard WIAA Coaching Contact rules.

2.  VAHS will not have in-person programming this fall: In sync with the Big 8 Conference statement regarding fall sports, and clarifying VAHS will not be offering fall sport-specific virtual or in-person coaching during traditional fall dates. We will look to provide opportunities in the spring in whatever means are available based on WIAA guidance for fall sports and reflective of our schooling model and public health guidance. We will offer general fitness, strength, mental health, academic, and social-emotional connection support throughout the year to all students.

3.  VAHS Athletics will not hold any fall athletics in person nor encourage students to gather or train outside of school grounds at this time.

• We hope to return to education-based athletic programs with additional guidance from WIAA and local public health, which will allow for the best opportunity to prepare for a safe return to our facilities if able.

• We will provide students with best practices and mental health support along with virtual training opportunities and connections to help facilitate when we are ready to return in-person athletics.

VASD and your athletic programs will continue to provide resources for virtual platforms and best practices to assist in resuming the quality education-based athletic programs we offer. These resources will prepare us for a full return to in-person operations when deemed safe and when we can adequately meet the needs for appropriate cleanliness, hygiene, monitoring, and interaction to safely operate programming and additional activities. Further details will come from our program coaches regarding virtual opportunities."

Lance Veeser

Sports Director, 27 News

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