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Navigating through virtual learning for the upcoming school year

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(WKOW) -- While some places are starting the school year off in-person, many districts are starting the year off virtually.

This school year will be an adjustment for kids and parents, which is why they must work together to prepare for the unconventional start.

"One of the things that I address is looking at space," Shawna Stueck with the Wisconsin Virtual Academy said.

"Making sure that you have an area that is conducive to learning for your child or children free from distractions, whether that be noise, phones, also conflicting interests," Stueck said. She added the space shouldn't be too close to an area where kids play games.

Stueck also recommends keeping all books, supplies and computers near the dedicated learning space. She also suggests having a comfortable chair for kids to sit in.

For a learning environment for kids in middle school or high school, the learning environment might be more flexible.

"They might start out in one area of the house, and then move to a different area and what have you, and that's okay, that's completely okay," Stueck said.

But overall, Stueck said support is the biggest factor when it comes to having a successful virtual school year.

"The number one indicator of a student ability to be successful is having a connection with an adult who believes in them," Stueck said.

"Parents have the gift, if you will, to be able to say to their child every day, 'I believe in you, and we're in this together,' and that can make all the difference not just to that child's education, but to that relationship within the family."

Jessica Porter

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