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President Trump to visit Kenosha

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Unrest in Kenosha following the shooting by a police officer of Jacob Blake.

KENOSHA (WKOW) -- President Donald Trump plans to visit Kenosha next week, after the police shooting and subsequent destruction.

CNN reports the White House said the president would visit Kenosha on Tuesday, to meet with law enforcement and survey some damage from recent protests.

A spokeperson said the schedule has not been fully set yet, so it's not clear if President Trump will meet with Jacob Blake's family.

Blake was shot seven times in the back last Sunday by a Kenosha police officer. Unrest grew across the state over the incident, leading to devastating damage to community businesses.

A spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said "We don’t need a photo-op, we need leadership -- and Trump has proven time and time again he is not up to the task."

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