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BACK TO SCHOOL: Keeping students engaged in online learning

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(WKOW) -- Many students in Wisconsin are heading back in class -- virtually. But, parents may be having a hard time keeping their student(s) engaged in online learning throughout the day.

Julie Taylor, Head of The Bridge School, has been leading online courses for more than two decades.

She says if parents are having a tough time juggling their work and making sure their student is keeping on task with their online school work, she suggests setting up a schedule.

"Set up some time, either the night before or in the morning, where the parent and student can go through the day's activities," said Taylor. "Maybe build in a few checkpoints throughout the day. And then at the end, kind of do a debrief."

Taylor admits sitting in front of a computer screen for hours can be tough for students, especially younger ones. She recommends allowing them to take several breaks throughout the day.

"Make sure that those students are taking those breaks that they're being active and stay connected with friends through other ways," said Taylor. "If you cannot see your friends in person, make sure that you are talking to them on the phone that you are staying connected, maybe joining online, book clubs or gaming clubs, things that they can do to connect with another student."

If parents begin to notice any red flags with their student, Taylor urges them to reach out to their teachers and administrators.

Nick Buffo

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