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Wisconsin’s Public Defender, Packers have zoom conversation on social justice reform

WKOW (MADISON)- The Packers are balancing football with standing up against racial injustices in the community and around the country. On Sunday, the Packers spoke with Wisconsin's Public Defender Kelli Thompson about criminal justice reform.

"It was what we've been hoping for, getting non-traditional partners involved in the discussion of criminal justice reform and to have someone like the Packers talking about an issue so near and dear to my heart (criminal justice reform) was really moving I would say," Thompson said.

It was a 45-minute conversation via zoom with the Packers organization sitting on the practice field. Thompson said it was an "educational piece" on the criminal justice system and what steps need to be taken for reform.

"To have the Packers say hey could we learn a little more about this, could you talk to us about some background and some information on the public defender's system, then also talk to us generally about the criminal justice system and then even broader legislation, it was impactful," Thompson said.

"Just to get educated on all the matters we're trying to cover it's made an impact on me, and I know it's made an impact on guys in the locker room," Packers Center Corey Linsley said.

"It makes a difference to say football is really, really important, this is where our focus is, but our community is important, our community means something and reform is something that we have to be talking about, and we have to be talking about this in Wisconsin," Thompson said. "The time is now."

The Packers know it's time to balance a job on and off the field.

"We've got to be able to balance both being a football player and attack these racial injustices that exist in our country,” Head Coach Matt LaFleur said.

As the Packers move forward, Thompson hopes to stay involved in the process.

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