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First known UW-Madison student hospitalized with COVID-19

UW Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- UW-Madison reported its first student hospitalized due to COVID-19 in a press release sent Wednesday afternoon.

The student, whom the university is not naming due to limits imposed by various privacy laws, is the first UW-Madison is aware of to be hospitalized due to the virus. However, the institution noted that its students and staff are not required to report if they have been hospitalized.

"We have learned of one student hospitalized with complications of COVID-19. Students and employees are not required to disclose if they are hospitalized, or to provide updates on their condition, but we will report any hospitalizations we are aware of on this dashboard," the press release said in reference to its online dashboard for COVID-19 test result statistics.

The university reported 47 new positive COVID-19 test results. Ten students and one staff member tested positive at on-campus testing sites, while 35 students and another staff member tested positive off-campus.

A university spokesperson said Chancellor Rebecca Blank is aware of the hospitalized student and has offered support to them and their family.

"This should serve as a reminder to all of our students that COVID-19 can have serious complications no matter what age you are," Blank said in a written statement. "It’s incredibly important for everyone to follow the public health guidelines."

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