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Libertarian presidential candidate visits Madison

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Jo Jorgensen
Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen speaks in Madison.

MADISON (WKOW) - Around 150 people showed up Saturday evening in Madison to hear Jo Jorgensen make her pitch to be elected to the highest office in the country.

Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate and is on the ballot in all 50 states and in Washington, D.C.

During her rally at the state Capitol, she focused on her goal of shrinking the size of the federal government and eliminating federal oversight and regulations.

"Government is too big, too bossy, too nosy, too intrusive, and the worst part is they usually end up hurting the people they try to help," she said.

Some in attendance, like undecided voter Aaron White, said they came to hear more details about her policy proposals.

"My vote means a lot to me," he said. "I'm trying to find somebody that stands as much for what I stand for and values, what I value, as possible."

White said the main issue he cares about is how candidates will support social justice issues.

He said he won't vote for Donald Trump, but he doesn't see Joe Biden as the obvious alternative.

"If I feel like a vote for either Trump or Biden is hypocritical for me, I won't do it," he said.

Jorgensen positioned herself as a viable alternative to Biden and Trump.

"If everybody voted for what they really wanted and if I could make my case to every American out there who is Libertarian-leaning, I would win in a landslide," she said.

However, in a recent national poll from Marquette Law School, Jorgensen only has the support of 3 percent of likely voters who were polled. She fared slightly better in a poll of just Wisconsin voters, where she gained support from 4 percent of those polled.

In the national poll, in addition to the voters supporting Jorgensen, 50 percent of voters said they support Joe Biden, 40 percent support Donald Trump and 2 percent said they support Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.

In the poll of Wisconsin voters, 47 percent said they support Joe Biden and 43 percent said they support Donald Trump.

After the rally, White told 27 News he heard what he expected to hear from Jorgensen, but he said he'll need to know more policy specifics before he decides who will get his vote.

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Caroline Dade

Reporter/Multimedia Journalist, 27 News

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