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Experts warn colder air will make coronavirus worse

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- As the numbers for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin continue to grow and the colder air moves in, medical and science experts are warning people that the pandemic is likely about to get worse.

"We're outside less, we're inside more and we want to gather more with people indoors. We know that No. 1, the virus is much more easier to transmit indoors because it's not open air, not blowing around and getting circulated," Dr. Ben Weston, executive director of Milwaukee County Emergency Management, told WISN.

The other problem, according to Weston and other experts, is that the virus is stronger in cool, dry air.

Some studies say in the warmer, humid months, moisture in the air mixes with coronavirus respiratory droplets and weighs them down. The droplets pick up so much water that they grow large and eventually fall to the ground. The winter is the exact opposite. Cold, dry weather will allow coronavirus to linger in the air.

"These particles get into the air and studies have shown can stay in the air for up to three hours. So if you don't wear a mask or we don't take protective measures, it can get into our body," said Thomas Kalluvila, a biological sciences instructor for Milwaukee Area Technical College.

People holding more gatherings indoors and the anatomy of the virus in the cold air are two reasons why Weston says with the cooler weather will likely come more cases and more deaths.

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