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UW-Platteville to split spring break into individual days in effort to curb unnecessary travel

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PLATTEVILLE (WKOW) -- At UW-Platteville, fall semester seems like it just started, but soon students will be wrapping up in-person classes.

Fall break starts November 25, and after that, all classes will be virtual for the rest of the semester.

"There's the possibility that people are going to go to their different homes or go out of town and maybe bring COVID-19 back," said university spokesperson Paul Erickson.

But then there's spring semester -- and spring break -- to worry about.

Like other universities, UW-Platteville won't have spring break, in an effort to cut down on unnecessary travel.

When UW-Madison decided to eliminate spring break, administrators decided to start the spring semester one week later to compensate.

At UW-Platteville, they had a different idea.

"Five 'Pioneer Pause Days,' is what we're calling them," Erickson said.

The semester at UWP will start on time, and those days off will be sprinkled throughout.

Erickson says it still gives students small breaks while also avoiding any issues with changing the semester start date.

"We found that there were things like financial aid implications," he said. "Deferred start to their financial aid. We didn't want to cause any anxieties to our students with financial aid."

After a spike on campus of COVID cases when students moved in, the numbers have evened out over the last few weeks.

Erickson says the goal is to keep the campus like that for the rest of the academic year.

"The testing and isolation, the combination of those two have really made a difference on campus," he said.

The Pioneer Pause Days include the two days before finals:

  • Monday, March 15
  • Tuesday, March 16
  • Wednesday, April 28
  • Thursday, May 13
  • Friday, May 14

Andrew Merica

Reporter/Producer, 27 News

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