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Dump truck crash leaves driver with minor injuries

Truck crash 1
Photo: Lodi Police Department
Truck crash 3
Photo: Lodi Police Department
Truck crash 2
Photo: Lodi Police Department

LODI (WKOW) — One person had minor injuries after a dump truck rolled off of a construction site in Lodi and crashed into a tree across the street.

The truck, loaded with dirt and gravel, collided with the tree at 10:37 a.m., according to the Lodi Police Department.

Police responded to the crash in the 200 block of Columbus Street and intermittently closed the road over the next three and a half hours while a wrecker removed the dump truck.

The driver of the truck tried to stop after it began to roll, but was unable to brake. Officers said they were unsure if the crash was caused by a mechanical failure on the truck or operator error.

The driver had minor head injuries after the truck hit the tree.

The tree was completely torn up and destroyed in the crash.

Police noted that the damage could have been far worse. The road the truck rolled across is County Highway K, a moderately trafficked street. However, the truck avoided other cars and was stopped by the tree about 50-feet shy of a house.

The crash ruptured the fuel tank and tore off the truck's front axel.

A mechanic is examining the truck to see if there was a mechanical failure.

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