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No ‘exit strategy’: UW-Madison police catch dorm sign bandits

UWPD bust

MADISON (WKOW) -- UW-Madison police closed the door on a spate of thefts from Madison residence halls over the weekend.

"We broke up a theft ring this weekend that clearly had a faulty exit strategy," the UW-Madison Police Department tweeted Sunday afternoon.

Police said a pair of thieves, two roommates, made it their goal to steal an exit sign from every residence hall on campus.

Of the 20 such halls, the dorm sign bandits managed to nab 18 before the big bust. The thieves helpfully labeled each of their trophies, so the signs will be easily returned and reinstalled, police said.

After confiscating the signs, police cited the roommates for theft.

The officers working the Sunday day-side shift arranged the signs on a table and then posed for a photo-op common in large busts of this caliber.

When asked to compare this seizure to others in recent memory, a UW police spokesperson said the department had not weighed the signs and thus were unsure how it stacked up in terms of kilograms.

The spokesperson told 27 News that authorities hope the Twitter post, made with tongue planted firmly in cheek, would serve as a reminder that "We take all theft on campus seriously."

"Please don’t steal exit signs," police concluded in the Twitter post. "Or anything."

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