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Getting Answers: Is it safe to see family if I’ve quarantined?

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Coronavirus Getting Answers

(WKOW) -- Many Wisconsinites are making last minute decisions on whether to see family or stay home on Thanksgiving.

If you want to visit relatives for the holiday and avoid passing coronavirus on to them, experts say you would have needed to quarantine for two weeks. Doctors say the process is much stricter than people might guess.

Dr. Nasia Safdar, Director of Infectious Disease Control at UW Health, tells 27 News in order to have a successful quarantine, you can't leave your home, even to run a quick errand.

"We don't think of, say, going to the grocery store as violating quarantine sometimes, but really it is," said Dr. Safdar. "So interaction with anybody would not be considered correct or proper or strict quarantine which is what you'd want to do."

If people choose to keep their plans, the emphasis from health officials remains on practicing social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing.

Emily Friese

27 News Producer

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