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WATCH: Here’s why you should never deep fry a frozen turkey

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(WKOW) -- If you haven't thawed your turkey before Thanksgiving Day, there are still a few options to prepare your meal.

But one option to avoid is the deep fryer.

Turkeys can take up to four days to defrost and you want zero ice when deep drying one.

For examples of what can go wrong, please watch this video from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Follow these other safety tips to prevent a holiday disaster.

  • Defrost the turkey completely. Any ice can lead to a massive fireball as it instantly boils off in the hot oil.
  • Premeasure the amount of oil by filling the pot with water and placing the bird in it. Then mark remove the bird and mark the pot with masking tape where the oil level should be. This prevents spilling hot oil over when putting in the bird.
  • Never fry a turkey in a garage or on a deck. Use a driveway or a spot in the yard. Keep 10 feet separation from the fryer and the house or anything combustible.
  • Lower the bird slowly to reduce hot oil splashing out of the pot.
  • Turn the gas off when putting in the bird. This prevents any oil that does splash out from catching fire.
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