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Geminids Shower: Highlight of the meteor year

MADISON (WKOW) - A highlight of the meteor year, the Geminids, is expected to peak on the night of Sunday, December 13. Although, viewers don’t need to wait until then to watch these meteors.

There's a chance almost every night up till peak for the Geminids meteor shower to produce a good display.

The Geminids are known to be a 'very reliable' shower if you watch at the best time of night, which is said to be around 2 a.m.

The meteor showers tend to be bold, white and quick moving.

Near peak, on a dark night away from light pollution, sky watchers can often catch 50 or more meteors per hour.

On an optimum night for the Geminids, it’s possible to see 150 meteors per hour. Which may be possible in 2020, given the moon-free skies accompanying this year’s Geminid shower.

For those hoping to catch the shower, be sure to give yourself at least an hour of observing time. Remember, it's said to take about 20 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the dark.

Happy viewing!

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Katherine Noel

Forecaster, WKOW TV, Madison

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