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Next round of snow is on the way

A fresh blanket of snow is expected. How much we are expecting and January snow stats found below.

The next system is making its way off the Rockies and will be impacting the Plains and the Midwest as we inch closer to the weekend. Spinning overhead throughout Thursday and Friday before finally pushing off east by the time we head into the weekend.

While areas to our northwest await to sit under a winter storm watch, a few of the counting WKOW covers will be under a winter weather advisory starting at 10am on Thursday. In the next day or so, we may see more counties included in a winter weather related watch/warning/advisory so make sure you're staying with WKOW for the latest.

Latest forecast suggests there's a chance that our area will pick up between 2-4" of snow with lesser amounts found the farther southeast you live. The heaviest snow is expected to fall on Thursday with the system weakening as it begins to slide east which is expected throughout Friday. One issue that this system is posing is longevity; though not entirely cut off, this Clipper does seem to, momentarily, get cut off from the jet stream. This means that the area could see light snow continue into the weekend.

Throughout January, typically, southern Wisconsin accumulates just shy of 13" of snow. With roughly 4 out of the 31 days typically providing over an inch of snow. The area typically sees snow events amounting to over .1" of snow 10 days out of the 31. It's rare that snow events typically dump over 2" of snow and even rarer to get a snow event to produce over 5" of snow.

Interestingly enough, it's been a while since the area has seen over an inch of snow. Looking back at daily climate reports, southern Wisconsin, if you include January 13th, hasn't seen over an inch of snow in 16 days. That means that the last measurable snow fell back in late December and the snow has stuck around for that long.

Blaise Keller

Meteorologist – WKOW TV Madison

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