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Oofta it was cold this morning…

MADISON (WKOW) - That's right, it was a cold start to your mid week but don't worry, even colder air is on the way.

The fresh snow on the ground from Tuesday, even with the cloud cover trapping in some of the heat we did manage to get during the day, could not stop our temperatures from dipping in the single digits. In fact, the coldest air overnight Tuesday into the early morning hours on Wednesday cooled to a balmy 5°F.

That may be cold enough for some, right? Unfortunately, Mother Nature is going to bring even colder air overhead as we move into the weekend. But before that - we'll actually warm into the low 30s on Thursday. Southerly winds on Wednesday will help us warm into Thursday but northwesterly winds take over, and bring back the cold air in time for the weekend.

The coldest air will be overhead Friday night into Saturday morning; the fresh snow that fell on Tuesday along with the northwesterly winds expected and, potentially, clear to mostly clear skies will all combine to bring our overnight lows at or below 0.

On average, January usually records 7 days where overnight lows are in the single digits (between 0-10°). So far in 2021, if you include the 20th, Madison has recorded 1.

What you may find interesting, though, is our temperature trend throughout January. The average temperature each day, for every day in January, has been above normal. The greatest departure from normal in our temperatures occurred between the 13th-17th, where each day's departure was 10°+.

Blaise Keller

Meteorologist – WKOW TV Madison

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