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Temps to drop; here’s how cold it will get

MADISON (WKOW) -- I thought the Beatles sang about the sun ... anyway, some colder air is on the way.

Our latest clipper brought warmth and sunshine on Thursday, but behind it, northwesterly winds will bring cooler air for parts of the forecast area and the rest of the region.

After climbing into the upper 30s, even a few low 40s popping up, our temperatures are going to crash as we head overnight Thursday into Friday.

Thanks to our northwesterly winds, some fresh snow on the ground from Tuesday as well as some openings in the skies Thursday night, we'll also watch as wind chill values dip close to 0/slip below zero.

But the coldest of the cold air will be overhead Friday into Friday night, which we typically see happen after a cold front passes. Our wind chill values won't be as cold as we move into the weekend thanks to dying wind speeds as well as the possibility of another system moving in.

Remember when outside and it's cold out, cover up as much skin as possible to reduce your chance of getting frost bite or hypothermia. You'll want to especially cover up areas where your skin is thinner like your nose, ears and finger tips. Also reduce your time and your pets time outdoors too.

John Zeigler


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