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Ninth conviction announced in Wausau methamphetamine case


Chong Chueneng Moua of St. Paul, Min. pleaded guilty to supplying more than two pounds of methamphetamine to distributors in Wausau Tuesday, the ninth co-conspirator in the operation to receive prison time.

According to a news release from the office of Western District of Wisconsin Acting District Attorney Timothy O'Shea, Moua is one of 11 people charged for methamphetamine distribution in the Wausau area.

While Moua was only briefly involved before the entire operation was uncovered by law enforcement, Judge James D. Peterson considered him significant in the case due to the large supply he provided.

Moua will serve 84 months in federal prison for his role in the conspiracy. Eight other people involved in the operation have been sentenced to prison since June 2020, with the longest sentence going to Wausau native Lisa Xiong.

According to the release, Xiong traveled to and from Minnesota to collect Moua's supply and distribute it among lower-level associates. Xiong collected the longest prison sentence thus far among the co-conspirators at 156 months.

Peter Culver

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