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Quiet ease into weekend, warm up next week

MADISON (WKOW) -- The first 60s of the year may be recorded across southern Wisconsin next week.

First and foremost, the first weekend of March is here and it's going to be a quiet ease as we continue to move through the first half of the month. An area of high pressure is to thank for the quiet conditions on both Saturday and Sunday.

Notice how the winds turn out of the south on Sunday, that will help not only guide in our next low but also help bump our temperatures into the 50s and possibly the low 60s.

Which means, our melt factor next week will be high... to say the least.

The prospect of 60s might have you excited and wondering when does the area normally record its first 60? Not for a few more weeks.

The dwindling snow pack across Wisconsin will continue to help warm our temperatures; when there's snow to melt, the heat that would normally warm us up is otherwise use to melt the snow pack.

Blaise Keller

Meteorologist – WKOW TV Madison

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