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Ice starting to melt in warmer temperatures

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Warmer conditions didn't stop people from walking and fishing on the ice in the Madison area.

Deputy Cory Knapp of the Dane County Sheriff's Office says there's no way to guess how safe ice is by looking at it.

"The ice is never 100% safe," Deputy Knapp said.

Ice fisher Dirul-Islam Salahuddin says he enjoys fishing but is extremely cautious when he goes out.

"If you're gonna ice fish, like anything else, you got to be willing to take a risk," he said.

He says he goes slowly and takes it step by step.

"I gauge the ice as I go along and I step and listen, you got to be attentive," he said.

Despite warmer temperature, fishers feel safe out on the ice. They try to keep in mind what areas may be breaking or thinning before heading out.

Other fishers like Jeff Jahn felt comfortable going out as well.

"Well there's still 14 inches of ice out there so it's good, the only thinking you need to worry about it getting on and off, that's when the trouble comes," Jahn said.

Deputy Knapp says it's important to take precautions when on the ice.

"If it's fish, walk, ski on the lake, just make sure you're safe, you have an idea of where you're going, try to know the area the best of your knowledge," Knapp said.

Knapp suggests people go out in pairs. He says to tell someone where you're going and how long you'll be out in case of emergency.

If someone does fall in the water, he says people should use the surrounding ice to boost themselves up and lay flat once they're out.

"We want them to hold onto the ice, push up and kick their legs and try and get on the ice," he said.

Deputy Knapp says to be aware of others who may be in distress and to call the police if they need help.

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