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State health officer: masks are effective, and so are mask orders

DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk during an interview with WKOW.
Photo: WKOW

MADISON( WKOW) -- After the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the statewide mask order Wednesday morning, state health officer Julie Willems Van Dijk reminded citizens to continue wearing masks.

In a news release, Van Dijk urged Wisconsinites to continue wearing masks in day-to-day life. She also asked that everyone support any ongoing mask mandates across the state.

"Science shows that wearing a mask helps prevent transmission of the virus, and science also shows that the more people who wear them, the more effective they are at stopping the spread of COVID-19. And the science is clear on mask orders as well – mask orders work," Van Dijk said in the release.

While Van Dijk acknowledged the pandemic is nearing the end, she also pointed out that COVID is far from over and persistence is important.

"We are moving in the right direction. However, at this point in the pandemic, mitigation measures like mask orders are more important than ever," Van Dijk said.

Peter Culver

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