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Female coaches break barriers in the MLB

female coaches

(ABC/WKOW) -- Opening Day for Major League Baseball has arrived and this season the MLB will have a record 23 female coaches in the lineup.

Their roles span from on the field to professional-development roles.

One of the women starting this season is Bianca Smith, 30, who made history in Jan. as the first Black woman hired as a minor league coach by the Boston Red Sox.

"It was crazy," she told Good Morning America Thursday morning. "I'd been interviewing for a scouting position so the fact that they offered a coaching position was huge for me."

Smith is expected to primarily instruct minor leaguers in Fort Myers, Florida.

She told Good Morning America her love of the sport started at an early age and was passed down by her mother, who passed away in 2013.

"She's the one who introduced me to the game when I was 3," Smith shared. "She is a diehard Yankees fan. She would actually be cringing if she saw me even in the [Red Sox] sweatshirt right now."

Another female coach, 33-year-old Rachel Balkovec was hired by the Yankees as the first full-time female hitting coach in the minor leagues.

And Alyssa Nakken, 30, made history as the first female full-time coach hired by a major league team when she was promoted to assistant coach by the San Francisco Giants.

"Naturally we tend to just fall into comfort zones and like linear paths ... and I think what's really the most fun and interesting is when you sort of take a step or a turn off that path and then find yourself in a position that has never been done before," Nakken said. "And then you can help guide and lead the way in helping others get to where they may not know where their ceiling is, and you may be able to help them find something that they never thought that they could do before," she said.

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