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Mosquito season arrives early

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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Central Wisconsin's warm start to the spring is causing some to break-out the short-sleeves but also reach for the bug spray.

The sound mosquitoes is making an appearance at gatherings earlier than expected.

Bill Onheiber is the owner of Bug Control Specialists, offering a variety of services throughout northcentral Wisconsin.

And he's seeing the spike in calls this April.

"People are asking for sprays as we speak," said Onheiber.

And he's not alone.

Susan Paskewitz is a professor Entomology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and she says they're seeing mosquitos down there as well. Attributing it to what she calls unseasonably warm weather.

"And there is a group of mosquitoes that get through the winter as an adult mosquito. And those, once we get to warm enough temperatures, they're pretty much ready to go," said Paskewitz.

Paskewitz says that they are just the beginning, as Wisconsin has more than 60 different types of mosquitoes.

Luckily, they don't all want us for lunch.

But the ones out now do.

"These early ones are amongst the group that is perfectly happy to find our chemical trail and go right to us to get that very first blood meal. Which they use to lay eggs and get the whole cycle ramping up," said Paskewitz.

But whether this is indication that we are in for summer of DEET and long-sleeves, is still up in the air.

As it depends on mother nature.

"I just think its a little early to be making any type of predictions this year," said Paskewitz.

But to be pro-active, experts say doing things like cleaning up the yard of items that collect standing water, and emptying birdbaths frequently will help stop it from becoming a breeding ground.

"If you reduce those on your property, you'll reduce mosquitoes," said Onheiber.

If you're interested in alternatives to the traditional bug spray, Paskewitz suggests lemon eucalyptus.

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