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Phony Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines found outside the US

Health care staff at UW Hospital in Madison are training to prepare vials and administer COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they become available.
Photo courtesy UW Health
Pfizer vaccine

MADISON (WKOW) — Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is issuing a warning about counterfeit versions of its coronavirus vaccine.

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Pfizer released a statement Wednesday saying the counterfeit doses were found in Mexico and Poland.

The company says anonymity from the internet, as well as the ease of e-commerce, are the factors behind the boost in illicit coronavirus treatments.

Pfizer says it has a team of specialists working with law enforcement officials and others to combat the illegal trade.

They stresses that no legitimate vaccine is ever sold online.

The company also says vaccinations must be administered at official centers or by certified healthcare providers.

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