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Marquette deputies look for info on car abandoned after high-speed chase

marquette co car
Photo from Marquette County Sheriff's Office
marquette co car 2
Photo from Marquette County Sheriff's Office

VILLAGE OF WESTFIELD (WKOW) -- The Marquette County Sheriff's Office is looking for any information about a car found in the county Sunday morning. Authorities say it was involved in a high-speed chase.

The sheriff's office said the car was believed to have been involved in a chase on I-39 with one deputy at speeds up to 130 mph. The chase ended in the village of Westfield when law enforcement lost the car.

According to officials, the car was found near where the deputy last saw it.

Authorities reported the car was involved in an incident that led to it being partially stuck in the water. The car had additional damage and paint on it from a previous incident.

Deputies described the damage as blue paint along the passenger side from the back bumper to the front quarter panel and the same paint on the driver's side front quarter panel.

Officials reported the Wisconsin license plate ABT5907 was on the front dash and on the back window ledge.

The Marquette County Sheriff's Office said they did not get a hold of the registered owner. They are looking for information on the incident and can be reached at 608-297-2115.

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