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No one shows up for J&J doses at popup clinic

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popup clinic

MADISON (WKOW) -- In mid April, hundreds flocked to Trinity United Methodist Church in Madison for their chance to get a coronavirus vaccine, with no appointment, just hoping for the best.

At a second clinic there Sunday, pharmacist Dimmy Sokhal with Hayat Pharmacy said it was a very different story.

"A majority of the people who got their first doses three weeks ago returned for their second doses for Pfizer," she said. "I think that was much more smooth and everyone was prepared and planned, so that went really well."

Despite the massive crowd for the first vaccination clinic, the second time around was a lot quieter, even though they have many doses available for first time vaccines and Johnson and Johnson doses.

"The church got some questions from people asking if we would be doing any first doses and we got J&J because it's the one dose thing," Sokhal said. "That's why we carried it, expecting people would ask, but we didn't even get many people ask for their first doses."

By the time the clinic was over at 4p.m., no one had gotten a J&J dose at the church clinic on Sunday.

Sokhal says since the use of that vaccine restarted after a pause due to a handful cases of blood clots related to the vaccine, they've had some requests, but for the most part demand has been low.

"It should be based on availability, not a specific brand," she said. "There are three different brands available and they are all effective."

She said while the blood clotting side effect was very rare, only 17 out of 8 million shots, it didn't affect men.

"So I think J&J is a great option, of course, if you're a guy, busy, working around a lot," Sokhal said.

The CDC says around 97 percent of any reactions associated with Johnson and Johnson vaccinations were not serious, like fatigue, pain at injection site and headache.

Health officials say there were more anxiety related reactions than actual serious reactions.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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