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Internet company offers rare opportunity to get paid to play video games

get paid to play video games

(WKOW) -- Have you ever wished you could get paid to play video games? Here is your chance.

Frontier Bundles is offering $2,000 to two friends willing to play 21 hours worth of video games together and share their experience.

The internet company wants to know if people do better playing solo or with someone on their side.

There will be two sets of winners.

Click here to learn more information on how to sign up.

The company selected this year to hold the sweepstakes because of the recently released next-gen consoles and this year coincides with major anniversaries of the some of the biggest names in gaming.

"Donkey Kong" turns 40 and "The Legend Of Zelda" turns 35. "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Street Fighter II" also both turn 30.

Matthew Cash

Senior Executive Producer

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