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Two Lafayette County Towns’ EMS Services in Jeopardy

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Two Lafayette County Towns EMS Services in Jeopardy

South Wayne (WKOW) — The Village of South Wayne and the Wayne Township could lose their EMS service by the end of July.

"We've been telling our boards for three years, we desperately needed help. You can't expect an EMS agency to survive with two people. It's too much work," Eric Berget, South Wayne's Fire Chief and EMS said

Eric Berget and Donna Flannery said they've been on-call pretty much year-round for the last three years because they're the only two EMS responders for the Village of South Wayne and the Wayne Township.

"You have to have a certain amount of people on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can't have the same two or three or four people doing that every day of the year," Berget said.

And now they say the state is pulling their licenses.

"On July 31, our license will be suspended by the state of Wisconsin,” Donna Flannery said. “We don't have enough people on our unit at this time to provide the coverage for our, for our community, as needed by the state."

"The South Wayne first response unit is going to basically cease to exist, no longer able to provide service and go on emergency calls,” Berget said.

So when residents in the Village of South Wayne and the Wayne Township call 911, it could be a while before help arrives.

"That person would have to wait for the ambulance to arrive from Monroe, Wisconsin, which is approximately 15 miles away,” Berget said. “Depending on where you're at in our district can be up to almost 25 miles away."

"I'm actually very fearful about this,” Amanda Lumley, a teacher in South Wayne said. “If someone's choking or bleeding out, that's just way too long."

Lumley said it's terrifying to think what would happen if someone opened fire on her school.

"If there was an active shooting and someone got shot, we would have to wait for Monroe, so that makes me nervous as well. Because those kids are like, my kids."

27 News reached out to the Village of South Wayne's President, Dale Carolan, and he declined to comment until after a Thursday meeting, which will discuss the EMS Fire Protection situation.

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