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Studies say Black women work a year plus more to make as much as a white man

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Center for Black Women

MADISON (WKOW) -- Aug. 3 is a day dedicated to raising awareness on the pay gap between Black women and white men.

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It takes 579 days for a black woman to work and receive as much as her counterpart would in just a year. Furthermore, she would only make 63 cents for every dollar a white man would make.

A local organization in Madison launched their business after learning this statistic. Progress Center for Black Women is a business that offers programming around entrepreneurship, leadership and financial health. Founder and Director, Sabrina Madison said she launched the company back in 2018, when she learned Black women in Dane County were only earning 57 cents for every dollar.

"It's important because we have families just like everybody else, and we deserve to be paid fairly. Oftentimes, we're asked to do more work, for little pay," said Madison. "And then, low pay also sort of like drives mental health issues. It's stressing black women out, and making it more difficult to raise families, to be able to send your kids to college, and to even take a vacation."

Progress Center for Black Women just finished their six-week financial health pilot program where financial literacy was taught, including how to negotiate.

"I was a teen mom and so I've worked since I was about 14 years old. I was definitely underpaid, working very hard, and making barely any money," said Madison. "I worked two to three jobs and even lost a job and still couldn't afford childcare. And so one thing that really motivated me about creating the spaces was, how do I create opportunities for black women, so they don't have my experience?"

Madison encourages Black women to know their worth and take advantage of businesses like hers.

"I think that we [Black women] can be very private about our struggles, and I really encourage women to just talk to each other because it's stressful, whether you leave that job or not. It can be very heavy, and very stressful. So if you don't talk to nobody else, come talk to me, and we will help you through," said Madison.

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