Strawberry Mango Salsa recipe

Nothing says fiesta like some chips and salsa! This strawberry mango salsa recipe is perfect for any summertime party. It’s great to top over tacos, eat with chips, or even

Tips for transitioning your kids back to school

After a long summer break, it may be a challenge to get your kids back in the swing of a normal routine for school. Rachel Lewandowski, physician assistant at Unity Point Health Meriter, joined us with some tips on helping our kids make the transition from summer break back to school. 

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Portage: Where the North Begins

The town nicknamed “Where the North begins” is full of history and character! Portage has over seven historical sites, a downtown area with local restaurants and shops, and biking trails. Marianne Hanson, executive director of the Portage Chamber of Commerce, joined us to share a little more about what the area has to offer. 

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Help pets go home through the Humane Society’s Capital Campaign

The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin is working on plans to build a new shelter, but they need the support of the community. Executive Director Mike McManus and Development Director Kaitie Swedlund joined us in the studio to share more about the project’s Capital Campaign.

Learning how to toss a pizza with The Roman Candle

Grab an apron and head to the kitchen, because today we’re learning how to perfect our pizza tossing skills! Brewer Stouffer, founder of The Roman Candle Pizzeria, showed us his technique for throwing dough and shared more about a few of his most popular pizzas. 

Struggling with sleep?

Whether it’s having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, The Healthy Place has products that can help you get a good night’s rest the natural way. Tim O’Brien, owner, showed us around one of their four locations and talked about several potential solutions to those restless nights. 

Protecting kids from mosquitos

August 20th is World Mosquito Day and we are in the height of mosquito season. Seth Bouplon from Mosquito Joe joined us to share a few tips on preventing mosquito bites while your kids are outside. 

Barbecue tips from Famous Dave’s

Nothing says summer like a classic barbecue! Jeff Butler and Lucy Zulke from Famous Dave’s joined us in the studio to talk about some of their limited edition dishes and share a few expert tips on perfecting your next barbecue. 

Simplifying boutique shopping with an outfit roundup

Madison definitely isn’t lacking when it comes to clothing boutiques! Blogger Sarah Wahoske from the style blog Not Your Plain Sarah Jane joined us in the studio with a roundup of outfits we can find at local stores right here in the area. 

VSA gears up for new name reveal

Over the years, the definition of disability has broadened and the programming the VSA offers responds to cultural trends regarding these disabilities. Christina Martin-Wright joined us in the studio to share about their exciting name change happening on August 25th. 

A rewarding career at Kobussen

Michael Lowery, Kobussen safety director and Val Zintz, Kobussen school bus driver, said this provides an opportunity for drivers to make a difference in the lives of kids. They joined us in the studio to talk about how to start a career as a Kobussen driver. 

A stray shower possible later this afternoon

A stray shower possible later this afternoon

High pressure will slowly move out of Wisconsin allowing for rain to move in by Monday. 

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

Midday Madison is hosted by Samantha Bowers. Midday Madison will have something for everyone, but it will be specifically geared toward local women.