Food truck Tuesday on Capitol Square

It's food truck Tuesday! We hit Capitol Square to see what the locals were ordering during the lunch hour. 

Why it’s important to speak your truth

Speaking up when something is bothering you is essential for healthy relationships. Darcy Luoma, president of Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting, joined us to share why it’s important to state your truth, even when it’s hard.

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How to style white booties this fall

Whether it may be on social media, in stores or in magazines, we’ve probably all seen those short, white booties everywhere already this season. Ashley Anderson, blogger at Style 608, joined us to share a few styling tips so we can rock white booties like our favorite fashion bloggers!

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Four ingredient peanut butter blossoms

These peanut butter blossoms are the perfect dessert or snack! They only take four ingredients and use stevia in place of sugar. Check out the recipe below. 

What is the plant-based diet?

You’ve heard the terms vegan, vegetarian and plant-based thrown around, but may not know the difference between each type of diet. Andrea Miller, a registered dietitian at Hy-Vee, joined us to break down the plant-based diet and describe its benefits. 

Fall farms to visit in the Madison area this season

It’s a special time of the year because from now until November 2nd many of the local fall farms are open for business. There are tons to choose from in the Madison area, so we brought in Alisa Sleep, owner of Madison Moms Blog, to break down some of the most family friendly spots to hit before the season ends.

How to make a Wisconsin 75

There’s nothing better than a glass of cider during the fall. Today we’re learning how to make a special Wisconsin 75 with The Cider Farm! Deirdre Birmingham, co-owner and manager, joined us with a step-by-step demonstration of her recipe. 

How to manage your child’s presence online

Social Media was originally created to share photos and to connect with friends. Today, it’s a societal norm. Our online reputation is synonymous with who we are, both online and off. If damaged, a negative online reputation can have real-life impacts.

How to decorate for fall with DIY wooden signs

Fall is here and it’s time to update your home decor to match the season! Caitlin Esquibel, owner of Signs by Caitlin, joined us in the studio with some inspiration to liven up any space using DIY wooden signs. 

Margarita Monday with Bartaco

It’s a fan favorite, and with the tart flavor of lime juice combined with the sweetness of a agave nectar, what’s not to love! Brian Gibson, general manager at Bartaco Hilldale, joined us to show how to make their famous margarita. 

Easy ways to practice self care

We all know self care is important and as hard as we may try to practice it ourselves, sometimes life gets in the way. Cassie Majinski, wellness and lifestyle blogger from Sunday Mimosas, joined us to share her top tips to help us make sure we actually make time for ourselves. 

Best places to bike around Madison this fall

Biking is one of the best outdoor activities during the beautiful fall weather! Jake Jones from Trek Bikes joined us to share some of the best places to ride in the area and tips for choosing the right bike for you. 

Support the MDA at the Muscle Walk this weekend

The Muscular Dystrophy Association works to create hope and answers for families living with the disease that takes away physical strength and mobility. You have an opportunity to get involved this weekend at the MDA Muscle Walk of Greater Madison! Marina Pappas and Michelle Molitor from the MDA of Southern Wisconsin joined us in the studio to share more. 

Keep the umbrella handy; rain chances return this afternoon

Keep the umbrella handy; rain chances return this afternoon

After a wet start the week, rain chances return later on Wednesday.

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

Midday Madison is hosted by Samantha Bowers. Midday Madison will have something for everyone, but it will be specifically geared toward local women.