Food truck Tuesday on Capitol Square

It's food truck Tuesday! We hit Capitol Square to see what the locals were ordering during the lunch hour. 

Why it’s important to speak your truth

Speaking up when something is bothering you is essential for healthy relationships. Darcy Luoma, president of Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting, joined us to share why it’s important to state your truth, even when it’s hard.

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How to style white booties this fall

Whether it may be on social media, in stores or in magazines, we’ve probably all seen those short, white booties everywhere already this season. Ashley Anderson, blogger at Style 608, joined us to share a few styling tips so we can rock white booties like our favorite fashion bloggers!

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How to style the latest hair accessories

If you’re looking to spice up your hairstyle, you may want to think about using accessories for a unique look. From headbands, to scarves, to even more – the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding your own personal style through hair accessories. Blogger Sarah Wahoske from the style blog Not Your Plain Sarah Jane joined us in the studio with a roundup of hair accessories for this season and tips on styling them like a pro.

Freshen up your wardrobe for fall with these trendy accessories

Fall begins next week and it’s time to start thinking about freshening up your wardrobe with some new accessories. Megan Noble and Kelly Crowley from Kendra Scott Hilldale joined us to talk about what’s going to be trendy for the fall season.

Is your fitness tracker accurate?

Fitness trackers measure a lot of things: calories burned, heart rate, steps, and more. But they may be more accurate at measuring some things than others. Lisa Cadmus-Bertram, assistant professor of Kinesiology at UW-Madison joined us to explain how beneficial (or not beneficial) our fitness trackers really are. 

Say goodbye to frizzy hair with these tips and tricks

Hot weather, humidity and rain can do a number on your hair! We’ve all been there – you style your hair in the morning and within hours it’s a frizzy mess. Jesse Marcks, owner of Au Fait Hair, joined us in the studio to share her top tips on making sure your hair stays flawless all day long. 

Make your own DIY lettered photo frame

If you’re looking to get crafty, we’ve got you covered! This lettered photo frame is perfect to give as a gift or to display in your home. Angela Mondloch, calligraphy artist and brand stylist from Saffron Avenue joined us in the studio to show us how to make this simple project. 

The hottest wedding trends for 2020

It’s hard to believe 2019 is over halfway over, but for those getting engaged and planning a 2020 wedding, it’s time to start thinking about the wedding trends that will come along with the new year. Betsy Pearson, wedding planner and owner of Piece of Cake Consulting, joined us in the studio to talk about what’s going to be hot for 2020. 

These quick exercises will help strengthen your core

The core is the foundation of all movements, and strengthening your abs will help you better perform other exercises as well as increase balance and posture. Kellian Kiron, owner of The Barre Code, joined us to share a few quick moves we can do anywhere to strengthen our cores. 

Paleo versus keto: what’s the difference in these two diets?

You may have heard about the popular paleo and keto diets, but if you’re a little unsure about the differences between the two, we’ve got you covered! Andrea Miller, registered dietitian at Hy-Vee, joined us in the studio to break down each diet and explain the pros and cons of each.

Keep the umbrella handy; rain chances return this afternoon

Keep the umbrella handy; rain chances return this afternoon

After a wet start the week, rain chances return later on Wednesday.

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

WKOW launches new local lifestyle show, “Midday Madison”

Midday Madison is hosted by Samantha Bowers. Midday Madison will have something for everyone, but it will be specifically geared toward local women.