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Miss RemarkAble Southern Wisconsin 2020

(WKOW) -- The 2020 Miss RemarkAble Southern Wisconsin is Sierra LaBrie from Whitewater. The results were announced Dec. 21, 2020 on Wake Up Wisconsin.

Usually, Miss RemarkAble Southern Wisconsin is held in-person.

But because of the pandemic, the contest for women with disabilities has been moved to a virtual format, and viewers were able to vote for their favorite contestant.

The program provides an opportunity for women 13-years-old and older to build their confidence and self-esteem through educational workshops and interviews. 

Below you'll find a brief description of each contestant and a video showing their interests.

Amanda Heard was awarded Miss Cheerful for her bright personality and positive outlook.

Eve Terwillinger was given the Miss Kindhearted award for her willingness to help others.

The Miss RemarkAble program is put on by Aptiv. To learn more, visit

Sierra LaBrie

Sierra is a senior at Lakeland School whose favorite things to do are study math and English, hang out with friends, listen to music and draw.She is on the Special Olympics team at Lakeland and plays soccer, gymnastics, swimming, track & field and volleyball. Sierra has 4 sisters, 2 dogs, and loves Italian food! She hopes to make her great grandparents proud and to show her leadership skills. 

Amanda Heard

Amanda can be found taking walks or doing arts and crafts, a few of the things she loves.She is helpful, compassionate, and funny! Amanda is on the Special Olympics bowling team. She also loves wrestling, football and basketball. Her dream job would to be a nurse because she loves to help people. 

Eve Terwillinger

Eve has tons of compassion for other people, including her dream of being a counselor to help people who are homeless.She also loves spreading happiness to other people, being fun, kind and generous, even when she can be a quiet person sometimes. She loves football, basketball and Nascar, and spends her free time doing crossword puzzles, enjoying nature, helping her fellow humans. 


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