Jefferson Award Winner, March 2017: Will Green

MADISON (WKOW) — There’s a place in Madison where kids can go after school to talk about life and learn valuable lessons.

The program is called Mentoring Positives and it was started by Will Green. Green is passionate about leading youth down the right path and over the last decade he’s helped thousands of kids stay on course.

"I’m hoping I’m inspiring them to be more than what they see every day, because they deserve more," says Green. "We have to give them the platform to explore and be more than what they are. So, that’s why I’m here."

Raised by a single mom, Green escaped poverty. After his mom passed away, he wanted to honor her memory and carry on the lessons she taught him. He took her initials, Muriel Pipkins, and started Mentoring Positives.

Will and his wife Becky founded the non-profit in 2004 to offer positive after-school programs for kids in elementary through high school. Three days a week, he hosts boys and girls groups where they shoot hoops, make jewelry, and talk about life.

Green even started a business venture for the kids, helping them to stay "Off the Block" by selling salsa and pizza to raise money for Mentoring Positives.

He’s also launching a new program.

"I’m gonna be looking for 15 more kids to get into the program and I’m gonna be looking to get them summer internships and jobs," Green tells 27 News.

Giving them a chance at a better life. Something he’s already given to more than 5-thousand Madison kids. 



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