“I am the frontrunner,” Tony Evers talks about new campaign ad

MADISON (WKOW) — The state’s troubled youth corrections facility is the center of Tony Evers new campaign ad that will be featured online. It’s a topic Evers said shows the true Governor Walker and his inaction to address numerous incidents involving teenagers at Lincoln Hills.

"Scott Walker did not step in to do anything until it was way too late and it’s important that the public knows. We have good ideas we need to make sure we have good government," said Evers.

The ad features Ed Wall, Walker’s former Department of Corrections Secretary. Wall talks about when he talked to Governor Walker’s Chief of staff and tried to offer solutions to address Lincoln Hills.

"We put multiple plans in front of Gov. Scott Walker’s staff on how to address the issues at Lincoln Hills and they didn’t want to deal with it," Wall says. "Scott Walker completely mismanaged the issues at Lincoln Hills. Wall said he was told, “the governor’s having trouble raising campaign money and this story won’t get off the front page of the paper."

Walker’s administration was quick to respond calling the ad phony. “These claims are blatantly false and that is confirmed by both chiefs of staff who interacted with Mr. Wall,” said Spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg. “These false claims are being made by someone who was fired for asking a state employee to destroy records and violate Wisconsin’s open records laws."

Evers backed Wall’s claims. “He was there, he was at the table who made recommendations to the governor. I let his words speak for himself. I support Ed Wall and I’m happy to have his support."

Evers is the first candidate out with a campaign ad, just one reason he says he’s standing out against the rest.

"The issue is who can beat Scott Walker and that person is me.”

Both Marquette Law School Polls this year had Evers with big leads over the rest of the candidates, the most recent one had him in the lead tripling his competitors.

"The poll reflects what we know all along that I am the frontrunner and people are getting to the point where they understand the issues among the democratic candidates are pretty small."



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