Woman trapped in building basement pulls fire alarm to summon help

MADISON (WKOW) — A woman who accidentally became locked in the basement of  the Atrium building at Villager Mall on South Park Street with no phone Monday morning ended up pulling a fire alarm to summon help. 

An employee of the Atrium told 27 News the woman worked for a small business in the basement. 

He suspects the woman went through a basement door to get to another part of the building, but the door locked behind her. 

After becoming trapped in the basement between two locked doors, she attempted to use the fire escape door, but found the door handle to be rusted shut, according to a Madison Fire Department news release..

So she decided her next best exit strategy was to pull the fire alarm.

A Madison ladder company responded moments later to investigate the alarm and determined it had been pulled in the basement.

When firefighters entered the basement, they heard the sounds of someone pounding on a steel door.

The crew was able to open the door and free the woman who had been trapped for more than an hour.

She repeatedly apologized for pulling the fire alarm, but she explained there was no other way to call for help, according to the fire department.

The woman was uninjured and required no medical attention. Firefighters contacted building maintenance personnel to have them replace the fire escape door right away to ensure it’s fully functional in case of an emergency. 

The Atrium employee said the door latch was replaced Tuesday morning.



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