Trump calls Gov. Walker “a favorite of mine”

MADISON (WKOW) — President Donald Trump called Governor Scott Walker "a favorite" of his during a ceremony at the White House focused on adding jobs across the United States.

Officials from Foxconn Technology Group were also in attendance along with about two dozen other companies and trade groups all signing a pledge to workers.

"Scott Walker, you know who this is, right?" Trump said as he shook hands with Foxconn adviser Chris Murdoch. "He’s building the most incredible plant you’ve ever seen in Wisconsin, right, Scott?"

This was also an opportunity to help Governor Walker reiterate the $4 billion incentive package for Foxconn and how he says it will improve the entire economy for Wisconsin.

Democrats were quick to respond to Walker being at the event.

"Scott Walker is doing what Scott Walker does best: put his personal ambition first. That’s why he’ll side with Donald Trump over Wisconsin’s interests every single time. Walker may be a ‘favorite’ of Trump’s, but Wisconsinites are ready for a change after eight long years of Walker’s failures," said TJ Helmstetter of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

This meeting also comes at a time when the president and Governor Walker are facing criticism related to Russian interference in American politics. Trump is facing backlash from members on both sides of the aisle for his comments during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week.

As for Walker, he’s been clarifying his interaction with Maria Butina, a woman accused of being a Russian spy. A picture of Walker and Butina taken at a National Rifle Association convention in 2015 recently resurfaced. Walker called the interaction just a casual photo-op, nothing more.

The President signed an executive order that will work to boost jobs and vocational training. Trump said the pledge will help train about 3.8 million students and workers for new jobs and good paying careers. He said the nation needs people with training to fill thousand of vacancies at a time when there’s a low unemployment level of four percent.



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