Rally held to support pro-gun discussions

MADISON (WKOW) — The Wisconsin chapter of the National Constitution Coalition of Patriotic Americans held a rally at the Capitol on Saturday. 

The event focused on the gun prohibition narrative and organizers wanted to engage with the community. 

Several speakers talked about multiple issues. The group addressed the issued it has had with social media sites censoring their speech when they express their opinions about being pro-second amendment. 

"Especially our freedoms of speech which are being censored by social media platforms which would be fine if there was somebody else to go to, like a different platform that did accept our speech but there are monopolies and they tend to buy up anybody who starts to compete,"said Thomas Leager, a member of the coalition. 

The goal of the rally was to start a discussion about the sensitive topic of guns as members tried to break down barriers with those who think differently. 



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