More flooding in Reedsburg as Baraboo River rises

REEDSBURG (WKOW) — People in Reedsburg are looking for relief from the rain as flooding in the area continued Wednesday. The Baraboo River is causing lots of flooding along its banks.

Dave Kosak’s house on N. James Street is completely surrounded by water. It was so deep at one point he had to use a canoe just to get to his front patio.

We’re going to shuttle over to the house and do some paper work,” Kosak said Dave Kosak.

He and his wife run a home business. But said it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stay in the house.

I’m pretty sure that it will be condemned. that’s because what they call the 50% rule or 50% law, that whenever a disaster, such as fire or flood or storm occurs, you can only put 50% of the homes values back into repairs,” Kosak said.

A couple blocks away, Michael White is contemplating his next move after his basement was flooded for the second time in a week.

We’re deciding if we want to stay or sell the house and move,” he said.

Flood water also forced Ryan and Melissa Brown’s family out of their home.

We stayed in a camper. We have a dairy farm outside of town and we stayed there in our camper,” she said.

Kosak said there’s really no way to prepare for something like this.

We got as much stuff out of the yard as we could, got all the vehicles out. Closed the door on the shed, otherwise things float out of the shed. And then in the house, we put all the furniture up on sawhorses that we could. And that’s pretty much everything,” he said.

Now he’s just hoping for cooperation from mother nature

It’d be nice if it just stopped raining.”

David Johnson

David Johnson

Reporter, WKOW

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