Foam from Fox River partially blocks state road in Montello

MONTELLO (WKOW) – Flooding has been a long term concern across southern Wisconsin over the past month, but one issue you might immediately think of is yellow-brown foam spilling onto roadways.

UPDATES: The latest flood news and community information

Foam that formed on the Fox River has been piling up along WI-22, just south of the city of Montello, since last Thursday. Viewer Jody Steigerwald sent WKOW this photo.

Though strange-looking, the foam is formed by a completely natural process. As rain water seeps through the ground towards lower elevation, the water picks up natural debris, like dead plants. As the matter breaks down, it releases fatty acids in the form of foam.

Archive: Foamy scene on the Pecatonica River in Blanchardville

Flooding will remain an issue along the banks of the Fox River. National Weather Service gauges show the waterway has reached the moderate flood stage. As of Saturday afternoon, the river in Berlin is around 15 feet high and downstream in Princeton, the river is at 11 feet.

Moderate flooding will continue through at least Thursday, September 13th.



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