Town of Sun Prairie home off-limits after hit by SUV

DANE COUNTY (WKOW) — A Town of Sun Prairie home is off-limits after an SUV crashed into it Friday morning, severely damaging the structure.

Town Building Inspector Chris Butschke says no one is allowed to live in the home at 5007 County Highway TT because of its lack of structural integrity.

Authorities say 19-year old Orlando Martinez-Bastida careened off the highway and smashed the home with a Honda CRV.

“When I got here, he was sitting on the swing that’s under the tree,”  says Charles Arthur, whose children live in the home.  “(He was) Not moving much.”

Dane County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brian Hayes says Martinez-Bastida was hospitalized.  He says the teenager’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Hayes says there’s no indication Martinez-Bastida was impaired by alcohol or other drugs.  Martinez-Bastida has been cited for failure to maintain control of the vehicle.

Hayes says speed, distraction and other possible crash factors remain under investigation.

Those in the home along with family, friends, and community helpers acted quickly Friday to move belongings out of the house.

“My fourteen year old is more upset because she can’t get any of her things, that’s part of the room she can’t get into,”  Arthur says.

The family living at the home had been here for three years, and did not carry renter’s insurance.  So beyond what they salvage, they are starting over.  Arthur says his nine year old daughter had just left a couch near the point of the SUV’s impact when the crash took place.

“It was just a matter of five to ten minutes, my daughter could have been hit by a car,”  Arthur says.  “It was very, very scary.”

“No one was hurt, I could care les about the house,” Arthur says.  “No one was hurt…I’m just glad my family’s okay.”

A car crashed into this Cottage Grove home early Sept. 14. WKOW photo
Tony Galli

Tony Galli

Reporter, WKOW

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