Viral Facebook post has users worried about new text scam

WAUSAU (WAOW) – A text message that reads, “someone complimented you! See more,” has gone viral on Facebook – and some people are warning that clicking the link allows sex traffickers to download a tracker on your phone.
But one tech expert said Thursday the message from IRL, an app that helps users plan events and meetings, is not related to sex trafficking.
The messages that people have received are linked to someone they know who is already using the app, said Brian Jojade of Happy Mac in Wausau.
The Facebook post is a misunderstanding, Jojade said, advising people to always be cautious when using apps and social media site.
“With any spam, you never really know where it’s coming from,” Jojade said. “Part of the problem with the (IRL) app is that when it sends the invitations, it sends them anonymously.”
Wausau Police Officer Eric Lemirand sees scams often and said a good rule of thumb is to not click on a link that you’re not familiar with.
If there is concern about a text message you’ve received, experts say it’s best to ignore it and delete it.


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