Sun Prairie pizza shop reopens three months after gas main explosion

UPDATE (WKOW) — Three months after one business that was leveled by the explosion in downtown Sun Prairie — is finally back open.

Glass Nickel Pizza reopened on Main Street Wednesday. The pizzeria was destroyed in the massive explosion in downtown Sun Prairie in July.

Owner Adam Bougie is back doing what he loves best, making pizza.

“It’s good to be back in the kitchen making pizzas,” Bougie said.

After his restaurant was forced to closed due to the massive explosion, and as traumatic as that experience was, Bougie said he was determined to reopen.

“I went out the next day or two days after it happened with one of the owners of the east side location, Brian. He and I were out looking for locations two days after it happened. Because we knew we wanted to get up and running again as soon as possible,” Bougie said.

The pizzeria is now back in business at a new location on Main Street, much to the delight of customers like Nichelle Veldkamp.

“I like the chicken and the deluxe pizzas. They have a whole bunch of different pizzas that we like to get,” she said.

“Numerous other people have just said, ‘We’ll see you tonight’ or ‘We’ll stop in and get our favorite pizza.’” Bougie said.

Insurance helped lessen the pain. Bougie said it covered many expenses during the closure. That meant he was able retain the majority of his employees.

“We have interruption insurance, so we were able to continue paying our employees. And our lose and profits were covered,” he said.

Bougie said it took a lot of work getting the restaurant up and running again.

“Like pulling all the permits and buying all the equipment.”

So he looking forward to seeing, and feeding, his customers once again.

“I’m really glad to be back and up and running and be able to a great product to sun prairie again,” Bougie said.

“It’s probably one of the best pizzas in Sun Prairie,” Veldkamp said.

Bougie said Glass Nickel Pizza will remain at its temporary location for no more than two years while they rebuild on or close to their former location.


SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) — Sun Prairie’s Glass Nickel Pizza reopened Wednesday, three months after a gas main explosion ripped through downtown destroying multiple buildings and killing a firefighter.

“Today is the day Sun Prairie. Dreams do come true! 3 months after tragedy struck out town Glass Nickel has risen from the ashes,” read a post on the pizza shop’s Facebook page.

Glass Nickel opened in a temporary location at 815 W. Main St. while work continues in the area of the explosion.

They also are selling custom “Sun Prairie Strong” T-shirts for $15 with $5 of each sale going to a local charity.

Construction crews tore down the remnants of the original Glass Nickel in late July.

The owner, Adam Bougie videotaped parts of the demolition on his cell phone. You could see an excavator pushing the chimney and other bricks over in his video.

Bougie posted the clip to the restaurant’s Facebook page saying, “Thanks for 14 great years 101 West Main Street. Hard to watch you go. Look forward to your glorious return.”


Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak

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