Active shooter training in Iowa Co. ends early after gun scare

DODGEVILLE (WKOW) — An active shooter training drill on Friday in Iowa County at the courthouse in Dodgeville took a bizarre turn when authorities had to put lockdown procedures in place because of a gun scare near the training.

Emergency Management Director Keith Hurlbert tells 27 News that someone inside a nearby apartment at E. Merrimac St. and N. Iowa Street racked a shotgun by priming the pump. An officer posted outside of the courthouse, who was participating in the training heard the sound and quickly determined that wouldn’t be a part of the training.

Per procedure, the Upland Hills Health Hospital was put on lockdown while authorities checked out where the sound came from. Authorities eventually determined that there wasn’t a threat to public safety and the lockdown at the hospital was over.

At this time, authorities say the person involved with the gun was not arrested, but that the incident is still under investigation.

The active shooter training was ended early because of the incident.

Matthew Cash

Matthew Cash

Dayside Executive Producer

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