Reedsburg babysitter arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 8-year-old

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REEDSBURG (WKOW) — A teen was arrested after he reportedly sexually assaulted a child he was babysitting, according to the Reedsburg Police Department.

Police said on November 28 they were told 17-year-old Riley Roth of Reedburg sexually assaulted an 8-year-old he was watching. The child reported being tied up and gagged during the multiple assaults between Nov. 4 and Nov. 18.

Roth was arrested on Nov. 30 and is in jail on a $25,000 cash bond.

He is charged with repeated acts of sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, physical abuse of a child and bail jumping.

At the time of the babysitting incidents, Roth was already facing felony child-sex crime charges in connection with a 14-year old girl.  Those charges were filed Nov. 5.

A criminal complaint states Roth had sex with the girl three times during the summer months, once in a camper near Reedsburg’s skate park.  The complaint says the girl told investigators Roth forced himself on her on two of the occasions.  “I was pretty much raped by Riley,”  the complaint states the victim told detectives.

The charges were the first on Roth’s adult record, and a judge released Roth on a signature bond.

“It’s not uncommon for that to happen so I was not surprised,”  Reedsburg Police Chief Tim Becker tells 27 News.

Becker says he’s unaware of what checks of Roth the parents of the eight year old victim carried out before he was hired as a babysitter.

Becker recommends these steps for parents and others to consider before hiring someone to babysit or do child care: contact the prospective sitter’s family and close friends; contact the local police department to determine if the sitter has any case history; check the state’s on-line database of criminal court records; consider installing “nanny-cameras” in the home, and make the babysitter aware surveillance cameras will record what’s going on.

At the same time charges were lodged in connection with the babysitter situation, Roth was also charged with misdemeanor sex-crime charges involving a 15-year old girl.



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