Wisconsin Safety Council shares ways to stay protected during record-cold weather

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MADISON (WKOW) — As the temperatures fall far below zero this week, Wisconsin Safety Council is urging everyone to take the necessary steps to stay safe throughout winter.

On Thursday, Nick Novak with Wisconsin Safety Council stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin to share some reminders when it comes to staying safe in record-cold weather.

Novak shared the following tips:

Tips to Stay Safe During Cold Weather:
  • Check the temperature and limit your time outdoors if it’s very cold, wet or windy
  • Bundle up in several layers of loose clothing
  • Wear mittens rather than gloves
  • Cover your ears with a warm hat (Up to 40 percent of body heat can be lost through the head)
  • Wear socks that will keep your feet warm and dry, and wear insulated boots
  • Keep a change of dry clothing with you in case your clothes become wet
If you suspect frostbite:
  • Get indoors immediately
  • Seek medical attention
  • Remove constrictive clothing and jewelry that could impair circulation
  • Place dry, sterile gauze between toes and fingers to absorb moisture and keep them from sticking together
  • Elevate the affected area to reduce pain and swelling
  • For superficial frostbite, you may also place the affected area in water that is 100 to 105 degrees until the tissue softens
If you suspect someone is suffering from hypothermia:
  • Move the victim inside and remove any wet clothing
  • Call for medical attention
  • Add blankets, pillows, towels or newspapers beneath and around the victim
  • Cover the victim’s head
  • Handle the victim gently to avoid cardiac arrest
  • Keep the victim in a horizontal position
  • If necessary, give CPR

If you’d like to see more tips from Wisconsin Safety Council, click here




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