Bernie Sanders holds rally in Madison

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MADISON (WKOW) — As Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) took the stage at James Madison Park in Madison, political experts say it’s a sign of a rising importance of Wisconsin in the 2020 election.

Charles Franklin, who runs the Marquette University Law School poll, said aside from the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t visit Wisconsin in 2016, it comes down to two major reasons.

“So our electorate is very evenly divided and could tip one way or the other but the second point is that Wisconsin is likely right at the pivot point of who wins the electoral college as well,” Franklin said.

Franklin said he expects most of the democratic candidates to make a stop in Wisconsin.

He also believes President Donald Trump will make multiple visits here to re-connect with voters who went for him in 2016.

Julia Pelech drove all the way from Springfield, Illinois to see Sanders speak Friday. She says she’s excited candidates are placing more of an importance on the Midwest.

“The fact that candidates are still coming here and are still realizing that there’s a lot of people here that care and want to be involved,” Pelech said. “They’re giving us the opportunity to be involved, I think is pretty great.”

Even though they had to make long drives to get here, many in attendance say it was worth it to hear Sanders say what they were thinking.

“It went straight to my soul,” Marc Daniels, who also drove from Springfield, said. “Went straight to my heart.”

“Bernie said things about young people and women and so I was able to relate to that,” Sarah Borchert, who drove with Pelech, said.

Even though most people in attendance were all in support of Sanders, they say it’s great the primary race will be so busy.

“Without it, if we only had one candidate running, it probably wouldn’t be a good thing,” Nathan Miller, also in attendance, said. “You should have competition, I think that’s awesome.”

Francisco Almenara

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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