New brew joins campus release series

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VERONA (WKOW) — Wisconsin Brewing Company and University of Wisconsin are collaborating on a new brew.

The fifth release in the campus brewery program is a gluten-free based beer product that’s mixed with soda. The more exciting announcement is the beer being brewed using a wild lager yeast. The beer will be brewed with a yeast that was discovered for the first time in North America near Sheboygan.

The new strain of yeast is harder to brew because of certain sugars and proteins.

“Usually the yeast isn’t a key contributor to styles and flavors, it’s just how it ferments into alcohol,” said Carl Nolen, Wisconsin Brewing Company founder. “So now for taking a very unique taking the yeast strain and finding different ways to create flavors and styles with the yest is very innovative.”

Wisconsin Brewing Company founder Carl Nolen says this beer experiment will give the group from UW-Madison Department of Fermentation a new challenge to hone their brewing skills.

Matthew Cash

Matthew Cash

Dayside Executive Producer

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